Thursday 21 April 2011

Vanity Fair 'On Time' Front cover sculpture and prop styling

Really pleased with this job done with Vanity Fair's Karen Hibbert and photography by James Day.
Apart from being a good laugh and lots of work to really get my imagination flowing the job was brilliant and very rewarding. I designed and made the sculpture based on the internal workings of a clock. Made from brass, copper and stainless steel. Karen's Art Direction was supreme and James is an amazing photographer. Also like to say thank you to Ruth Ley for her hard work and assistance. So here are the pictures....

Monday 4 April 2011

Vanity Fair Cover

Really excited as the new Vanity fair 'On time' Front cover and story is now out. It's a sculptural design of the workings of a clock that I designed and made and prop styling of really interesting craft based antiques and tools in amongst the amazing watches inside. Photography was fantastically shot by James Day - uber modern and slick. I am especially pleased too as I was asked for a contributors page photo ... so my 13 year old nephew took one .. which was lovely .. and he has been credited too!! Well done Fionn ... he's one to watch out for.
Will post pictures soon!