Friday 14 February 2014

Vanity Fair 'On Time' with James Day

Back again with the adorable James Day and his funny antics, we did this very inspiring and fun shoot for Vanity Fair 'On time' with the theme of 'Design'. Pushing the creative boundries for an editorial client I indeed had a good time with this one. I researched into five era's of art history over the last century and was inspired by the work produced at that time. Really can't wait until it's out, this is one to show the grankids x

Hemispheres magazine with Ania Wawrzkowicz

Delicious magazine with Ania Wawrzkowicz

After our year of working together for the exhibition 'Revisiting Group X' Ania and I did a couple of editorials together. This one definitely had nordic feel. Always a pleasure to spend time with Ania who is hugely talented and a good friend.

Harrods Magazine with Jouke Bos

Jouke Bos .. what a great name, and he's is such a nice guy! Dutch photographer Jouke came over from Amsterdam to shoot this De Stijl influenced shoot. Full of art history knowledge and great taste he shot some really stunning pictures for the March issue. Can't wait to see them. Thanks Jouke x