Saturday 15 December 2012

McClaren with Rick Guest - behind the scenes

Here are a few shots from a recent McClaren job with the wonderful Rick Guest. For obvious reasons I can't put too many pictures up at this stage. When the job has been published I can expand more on what we were up too!

The funky Katie Fotis getting down and dirty with our yellow paint experiments

Steamed feathers

Tiffany for Vanity Fair

This job was an absolute history lesson. Each shot represents the desks of great men who had loving marriages .. Robert Browning the poet, Mark Twain the writer and Winston Churchill . It was fascinating to do the research and find out about their lives, interests, hobbies, personalities and read their love letters ... which a very talented calligrapher from Printed Word recreated for me. Love love love is in the air! Photography by Chris Turner.


Love this wine bottle illustration for M&S

Moving inspiration on the escalators